Getting Un-Stuck 

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When we live with certain problems or emotions for a long time, we start to feel stuck or like nothing will ever change. Perspective begins to fade as we lose the ability to see new and different options because we accept the problem the way it is. Part of getting unstruck is being able to find ways to shift perspective to create different solutions or approaches. Even if our problem isn’t going to change quickly, having a healthy perspective provides better coping. When you recognize that feeling of being stuck or struggling to cope it’s time to try something new. 

 Here are a variety of ways to start getting un-stuck. 

  1. Talk about the problem or stop talking about the problem! If you’ve been holding on to your problem alone start to talk about it and gain perspective from those you care about all around, you. If you’ve talked about the problem quite a bit, then take a break to process the suggestions you’ve received. 
  2. See a therapist! One of the true values of therapy is an educated and gentle outside perspective. A great therapist should help you see things from a different angle and help you identify what is keeping you stuck. 
  3. Read a biography! Someone who has a similar situation to you can provide some encouragement as well as ideas about how they worked with their problem. When you read a biography about someone who went through something different from you then you gather a different way to think or cope with your problem. 
  4. Give yourself advice! Think about what you would say to your closest friend if they told you they had the exact same situation that you have now. Are you taking your own advice?
  5. Make a gratitude list, jar, or write three things you are grateful for every day! Part of getting unstuck is being grateful for the things you already have. Gratitude helps you appreciate and remember the positive and the good present even in difficult times. 
  6. Pray about it! No matter how great the problem if or how long it’s been in your life God wants to hear about it. The privilege of faith is being able to take out problems, emotions, and daily life to God. 
  7. Go back to the basics! Think about how well you care for your basic needs- food, sleep, water, safety, social needs and support, spiritual needs, and support. Everything seems worse if you are not maintaining your health and body to the best of your ability and capability. Our brains and emotions function best when we are meeting and caring for our own basic needs.  

Getting stuck happens at times, especially if there has been a deep rooted or long-running problem. When you begin to feel stuck, or that things aren’t moving enough, focus on shifting your perspective. Go through the list above and begin to see things differently.

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