Introducing a New Series: ‘On Our Bookshelf’

Did you know that if you type ‘parenting’ into the Amazon search bar, you will be given over 60,000 different results? Type in ‘anxiety and Christians’ and the search will return more than 3,000 results. If you are anything like us, narrowing down the list of books you want to check out that might be worth reading and then actually choosing which books you want to invest the time and energy into can be a difficult task. The sheer number of book choices available to us can be overwhelming.

Close up of book, glasses and coffee cup on blurry sky background. Leisure and lifestyle concept

As counselors, we are often asked about what resources we would recommend a client read pertaining to things that we encounter during sessions. We each have a unique list of go-to book recommendations that we think our clients might find beneficial.

As a way hopefully to alleviate some of the difficulty in choosing your next book, I’d like to introduce you to our newest blog series: On Our Bookshelf. When one of us comes across a book that we find encouraging, challenging or beneficial regarding things that pertain to our clients, we plan to share it on our blog. We thought that the recommendations might be beneficial for more than just the clients in our offices and wanted to have a way to share those with you, too.

These blog entries will not be book reviews per say but rather a way for us to share about the things that we are reading that interest us. Each counselor will answer a series of 4 questions describing:

  • what the book is about
  • something specific that stood out
  • why they like it
  • who they would recommend read it

We hope this series serves as a way for you to get a glimpse of the resources we keep on our bookshelves and helps make your next reading decision a little easier.

If you end up reading any of the resources, we’d love to know which ones you choose!

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