The Center of the Universe

I think that my relationship with God has to be rethought—substantially adjusted.  I was reminded of how mankind used to believe that the Sun revolved around the Earth.  Not being an astronomer, I have no idea how the real truth was discovered that in actuality, the earth revolved around the sun.  I do know a Polish gentleman named Copernicus, who was also a believer, was courageous enough to challenge a belief that wasn’t just held in the scientific community but was thousand year old Church dogma as well.

I can see now that many of us have grown up believing that God revolves around us.  Almost that He exists to be there for us (although He is there for us).  It is like we haven’t fully reckoned the fact that God is OUR Creator. This is probably why some people lose their faith when hardships hit—their construct of god really is not the reality.  This idea of god is so much smaller than the One who created us. It is a good thing to lose faith in that tiny version of god.

The fact is that our lives revolve around HIM.  Whether we believe it or not, it is true—we exist for Him.  He created each of us with a purpose, a specific designation. How does one go about discovering the truth about our relationship with God? We exist revolving around God even though our minute perspective can lead us to think we are the center of the galaxy.  How does our life change once we know the truth?


When the relationship of the Earth to the Sun was being discovered, there was tremendous resistance in both the scientific, religious and philosophical communities. Some were willing to fight to maintain the status quo. The Church became the source of oppression rather than the source of Truth. Some were even burned at the stake for challenging church dogma. What was the status quo—simply a belief; a faith in that belief of what the world was supposed to be—must have provided some sense of security to people stuck to this doctrine.  That is a huge change to make so it makes sense to have huge internal and external opposition.

When we begin to discover more comprehensively that we exist centered around the Almighty there is bound to be some upheaval; some challenges both internally and externally.

Let me encourage you to merely be open to this reality and God himself will give you understanding. Copernicus wrote, “Those things which I am saying now may be obscure, yet they will be made clearer in their proper place.” Eventually you will see what you need to see if you are open and pursue Truth.

Copernicus also wrote, “therefore when I consider this carefully, the contempt which I had to fear because of the novelty and apparent absurdity of my view nearly induced me to abandon utterly the work I had begun.”  Anxiousness is a natural response to a change so large as this. It is useless to fight anxiousness. It is far better to accept it and press into it. You will have moments when you will want to quit pursuing God and there is much in the culture to affirm your desire to quit. Press on!

Copernicus again wrote, “perhaps there will be babblers who although completely ignorant of mathematics, nevertheless take it upon themselves to pass judgment on mathematical questions and, badly distorting some passages of scripture to their purpose, will dare find fault with my undertaking and censure it. I disregard them even to the extent as despising their criticism as unfounded.”

Teach yourself to dismiss these babbling voices—inside and out. Make space for them in your thoughts while you continue to search for the real Truth—God created you, loves you, and your value as a person is exponentially greater than your old, but still influential belief that God is centered around you.

When someone recognizes the true nature of his/her significance, there is no longer a need to make attempts to inflate it. This allows each of us to relax as we let go of the work of personal signifying. God’s designation, his signature on His creation is what declares value. What signature can command value like that of THE Creator? It’s pointless to even contemplate the question! You have in you the image of God—His signature! That is beyond comprehension. But you live for Him and that is your true designation.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23


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