On Our Bookshelf: Are My Kids On Track? by Sissy Goff, David Thomas, & Melissa Trevathan

We’re back with another On Our Bookshelf post! This one is for parents, and I cannot recommend this book enough! Looking for your next book about development? Check out Are My Kids On Track? 

What’s the book about?

While there are a lot of books that talk about child development, this book is different. Goff, Thomas, and Trevathan lay out twelve different emotional, social, and spiritual milestones that are important for kids to develop. They address four different milestones tied to each category (emotional, social, and spiritual) and identify stumbling blocks and building blocks to help aid kids in the development of these important skills. There are a lot of ways to track physical development, but other aspects of development that fall into categories outside of physical development are more elusive. This book gives language to these important areas that can be hard to describe and are often overlooked. This book makes it clear that the emotional, social, and spiritual milestones are crucial in making sure kids are on track to become responsible, healthy adults.

What’s something that has stood out from this book?

These developmental milestones build upon each other. A kid that is unable to identify their emotions (the first milestone addressed) will not be able to take ownership for their actions. Parents play a key role in helping their children develop these traits! Parents care about helping their kids be the best they can be, but sometimes the path to achieve that goal is hard to follow. This book really equips parents to guide their kids on the paths to maturity and healthy development.

Why do I like it?

This book is practical and filled with important things to know to help children become the best they can be. Each chapter addresses the developmental milestone, stumbling blocks unique to boys and girls, and building blocks that parents can use to help. It is an easy read and filled with really valuable information. I especially loved the strategies for helping kids develop the specific milestone addressed at the end of the chapter. There were great ideas there!

Who would I recommend to read this book?

Any parent! Parents play a crucial role in helping their children develop these milestones. I actually loved this book so much that I might even say that anyone that works with kids should also read this book – it was that good!

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