Prayer for Times of Trouble


Dear Heavenly Father:

Although our faith and trust in Your Sovereign Hand is strained at this time by the assault of COVID19, and the many challenges that we already face, we are careful to remember that You are Good, and You are Love.  Even though this world that has been riddled by sin and evil, You gave Your only begotten Son to die for us so that we would always have access to Your presence and protection.  You are Faithful and True.


But we are given to fear and panic during times of trouble.   When there is storm and rain instead of sunshine, we find ourselves being drawn into discouragement and despair.  As it happened with your firstborn creation in the Garden of Eden, we fall into doubting Your love and faithfulness.  We believe the lies and tricks of the Enemy, who is the Father of Lies.


Yet, even when we fail to remain faithful to You, You remain faithful to us.  You keep your promises to your people, those who have received the precious gift, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank You Heavenly Father, for Your faithfulness; thank you that Your mercy unto us is new every morning.  Thank you for your promise to restore joy to those who mourn.  Thank you for being a friend who sticks closer than a brother.  Sin and evil has entered into this world and has caused all kinds of troubles, but thank You that You have overcome it all by dying on the cross, and rising from the grave with all power; and now You are with us and for us, and You will someday come back to receive us to Yourself, and all things will be made new for Your children.


While we wait for Your return, I pray the Holy Spirit will help us to remember Your Goodness, and Blessings that we acknowledged in the past.  Let us not forget that as You were with us and for us in the past, You are with us and for us now, and in the future.  Although it seems Your Love and Presence has been interrupted at this time of trouble that we all currently face,  yet as the warmth of the sun is interrupted by clouds and storms, I pray the Holy Spirit will help us to believe that Your Goodness and Mercy will never abandon us, but will follow us throughout our entire life.  Although we may be afraid, I pray our trust in You will remain.  I pray that You will restore peace and joy to us, as you remove the clouds and the storm.  Allow us to see You again as the sun is seen on a clear spring day, and may our love and faithfulness unto You grow and remain.

In Jesus’ name,


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