How Do I Deal with Anxiety?

In the past few months I have heard the word anxiety or “I feel anxious” more times than I can count on the news, social media, and in personal conversations. While anxiety has always been present in our society, never has it been more prevalent in my recollection. This COVID-19 pandemic created anxiety in a variety of forms; some even in individuals who typically do not struggle with being anxious very often.

Anxiety can look different for everyone, but the one thing it does do is cause a sense of uneasiness and fear at what is to come. That is the struggle with this season in our world. The unknown. We have no idea what a new day will bring or what may come as a result of this ever-changing virus and unpredictable human behavior. One thing we can be certain about is that our new normal does not lend itself to feeling at peace. As a counselor, I am thankful to have tools to help others when anxious, but the truth is that not everyone is able to see a counselor. So, what do you do with that anxiety?

These are a few tips that may be helpful to bring you peace and put the anxiety aside:
• Turn off the news and stay off of social media.
• Practice deep breathing daily or whenever you feel anxious. (Example here:
• Journal your thoughts and emotions.
• Do something active (i.e. take a walk, exercise, practice yoga).
• Spend time doing something you enjoy (music, art, talking with friends, etc.).
• Spend time in prayer, reading Scripture and/or listening to worship music.

While these tips may not eliminate your anxiety completely, they will better help you cope when you begin to feel anxious. As a follower of Christ I am thankful that I not only have these tools, but I have reassurance in knowing that Christ wants to give me peace that surpasses my understanding. He wants to remind all of us that He is with us, He is in control, and He will help us as we give all of our anxiety to Him.

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” – Psalm 94:19

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” – Proverbs 12:25

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:6-8

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