Silence Please

If you live in the city, or even one of many of the surrounding areas, there is probably some kind of noise throughout the day and much of the night.  For some, noise can become an addiction.  We go home and immediately turn on the television or we get in our car and turn on the radio.  In our society, we are prone to some kind of audible activity around us.  It is rare for many of us to sit for a while in silence and listen to the sound of nature.

As I was reading a devotional by David Jerimiah, I learned that moments of silence can enhance the portion of the brain that is associated with learning and memory.  I did a little further digging on this and found that it can also help lower blood pressure, calm racing thoughts, stimulate brain growth, reduce cortisol which if too high can cause anxiety and depression; stimulate creativity, improve conditions of insomnia, and it can encourage mindfulness.  These are all great benefits that each of us can have access to just by tuning out the noise around us.

Being raised in the south, I was used to listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of crickets at night and birds chirping during the day.  Yet, turning on the television or the radio was part of the daily routine which can easily be the case for many of us.  Having moments of silence is something that most of us really have to work towards.  It usually not a natural activity in our lives.

Often times, when we are under stress, we look for distractions which is usually some kind of noise, social media, or a casual conversation with a friend.  This may help temporarily, but usually the stress persists because instead of facing the problem that is causing the stress, we try to avoid it.  However, learning to have a few moments of silence could make a difference in how we proceed with whatever situation we are in. 

There is a bible scripture that I often refer to when under a lot of stress.  It reads: “Be still and no that I am God” (Psalms 46:10).  To me, this is a reminder that it is important to quiet myself and my surrounding as much as possible, even if it is just for a few minutes.  It is a reconnecting with my senses and the natural environment.  I also find that I can hear my thoughts when there is silence, and hopefully, make corrections as needed.  Sometimes the stress and worries that were present, dissolve away after a few moments of silence.  I choose to believe that this is an act of releasing it all to God.

Unfortunately, stress and worry return as this is a part of our current state.  Even so, there is still silence to be experienced.  For some of us, it may be necessary to retreat into a quiet place; an intentional effort to get away from the noise around us that can become a part of our daily existence, a norm.  This is where a little discipline and determination maybe necessary because being still and quiet is not the norm for most of us in this society.  In conclusion, for those of us who know the weight of stress, I recommend adding a moment of silence to your day.

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