Keep Trusting God

A must read! Encouraging and different take on COVID 19

Here is that word again, Covid-19. It is the topic in most of our minds, and the topic that continues to get the headlines in the media. It is certain that Covid-19 has affected each of us. There has been uncertainty of our future, frustration because of interrupted plans, and boredom with the daily routine of staying in the house, or away from friends and loved ones. Many have lost jobs because of this intruder in our lives. I could go on and on about the devastation that has been caused by Covid-19.

            How do we get through this unique experience that is felt around the world? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves, is Covid-19 so different from many others experiences we have had in our lives? Of course, everything has its own uniqueness, but what does Covid-19 have in common with other experiences that we have had that resulted in feelings of uncertainty, frustration, boredom, rejection, etc.?

            There has been a plethora of times when I have felt uncertain of my future, or out of control of my life. This was probably most experienced as a child. I can remember those times a few days before Christmas when I was anticipating presents or gifts that I had requested weeks or months before Christmas day. When it was time for them to decide what they would purchase, my grandparents, who assumed the role of my parents, would tell me to go out of the room so they could discuss what they would do. At that time, I felt dejected and out of control of my childhood future and vision of the big day. I could only hope that I had earned enough favor to get what I hoped for. However, as I grew older, I realized that waiting for Christmas day was much more difficult than the experience of not finding what I wanted under the tree. The more I complained, or pleaded for what I wanted, the more miserable I became. Once Christmas day arrived, I was happy to receive whatever was provided. The greatest accomplishment, or gift was seeing another Christmas day and experiencing a gift of some kind being given by my parents. As I grew older, I realized that my grandparents could not afford to get me all I wanted, or they just decided not to. Even so, I knew they loved me, which meant I had to learn to trust them with this part of my world.

            We are more than just flesh and blood, but we are spirit beings who are clothed with a physical body. Therefore, when we are faced with a crisis, it is natural for us to feel nervous or afraid. This is our human condition. We may feel we cannot get through our crisis. How many times have we gone into a new situation or experience that we thought we could not handle, but once in it, we find ourselves adapting, and perhaps even enjoying the experience. This is because it is normal to feel nervous or afraid when going into a dark room, or the unknown, but once our eyes adapt, we find the anxiety, or fear subsides. Covid-19 is like a dark room that has its potential dangers, as do most experiences in our lives. When we get into our cars, we buckle up for safety, but it does not guarantee no ill will become us. Even so, we go on our way with hope that we will reach our destination, safely and soundly.

            We apply this way of living in all that we do that involves risks, or dangers, as well as discomforts we experience such as boredom. As an athlete in training, we persevere through the difficulties and hardships, with anticipation of becoming more competitive, and fruitful at the time it is needed most.

            The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis is a good example of a person who had to endure uncertainty, frustration, rejection, and boredom after he was robbed of his freedom and became prisoner of Pharaoh. Joseph must have felt all that we are experiencing today because of Covid-19, including the threat that his life might be taken. However, I imagine that Joseph decided to continue to trust God and persevere through the difficult times. He probably had some good prayer times, and experiences in God’s presence. Whatever was taken away from him was replaced by God’s supernatural favor on His life. His relationship with God was strengthened, so that he would eventually become ruler of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. It is unlikely that most of us will experience in this life the grandeur that Joseph experienced after his suffering, but we must be diligent to fix our minds to be receptive to whatever God chooses to do because He is trustworthy, even more than my grandparents.

            God is the giver of all good things; but sometimes, when we must wait, or when things go wrong, we feel He has let us down. May we remember that before honor is humility (Proverbs 18:12). We do not know what things will be like after Covid-19 is over, but God promises a day when there will be no more sorrow or pain, but only exceeding joy. So, let us trust and draw closer to Him until the day when Covid-19 has ended, and let us continue to trust Him until that day when He returns for us. At this time, He may seem silent, but He is busy making plans for a future that will vanquish all our disappointments.

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