What A Difference A Day Makes

There is the old saying, “What a difference a day makes.” This simple truth can be interpreted in different ways, but it is usually referred to when a bad experience gives way to a good one by the very next day.  I am sure all of us can remember a bad day that we had.  Sometimes such days are pondered upon for weeks, months, or even years.  Unfortunately, many of us forget about the good days that came afterwards.  Instead, we brace ourselves for the next bad day that is anticipated in the back of our minds.

In most parts of the world, we know that seasons change and we know that a rainy day eventually gives way to sunshine.  Despite this recurring experience, we often feel discouraged, or we can even feel hopeless when we have an emotionally rainy day.   For certain, emotions are no easier to control than the weather.  The slightest experience can cause a happy face to turn sad, or vice versa.  So, like the weather, why not just let the emotions come, rather than judging ourselves, or our lives because of them.  A sunny day does not always mean a “good” day, nor does a rainy or stormy day always mean a “bad” day.  For certain, I love the sunshine, and I’m not overly fond of the cloudy days.  But I have learned to make the best of each day, despite how it presents itself. 

In similar ways, we can look at our emotions as our human condition, just as we accept the weather as such.  It is normal to feel happy when you receive a large bonus or a long, awaited gift.  It is also normal to feel sad when a loved one dies or a relationship fails.  However, like the weather, it is important to acknowledge the changes as temporal, rather than permanent.  When I say, temporal, I mean a temporary change in how we feel at a given time.  There may be changes to our circumstances.  Perhaps a change that cannot be reversed.  Nevertheless, just as the days of our lives are not defined by the changing tides of the weather, we are not defined by how we feel.

I have noticed in my own life that when, for whatever reason, I am praised by others, I have a feeling of accomplishment and acceptance.  But when there is cruel criticism instead of praise, there is a feeling of dread, and of course, rejection.  Yet, I am the same person who was recently praised and held in high esteem.  The circumstances changed, and the feelings changed, yet I am the same person regardless.

David knew about this.  He had become Israel’s hero, praised by the king, but shortly after, he was greatly criticized, and forced to become a fugitive because the same king and his men were out to destroy him.  This is just an example of how a “feeling” of joy or happiness can easily change to a “feeling” of sadness or despair.  Fortunately, these feelings do not define who we are, or the truth about our future.  David’s fate was in God’s hands.  There were good days, and there were bad days, but God’s promise to David did not change.  He became king, and he remained a man after God’s own heart.

So, where am I going with this?  I am sure you figured it out.  We must find out what God thinks of us and embrace His promises so we can weather the emotional changes of life.  It takes some work to get to know God, but is not what life is all about?  Surely, getting to know the One who gave us life is worth the effort and time.  We go to Him believing that He is…a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 6:11).  Once He affirms us, the weather may change, our emotions may change, but we are forever secure in Him.  Then we can witness the difference a day can make, from sadness or gloom, to joy and peace.  Sometimes, having a good friend is helpful in our plight to acknowledge God’s truth for us.

I started writing this blog post a few days ago.  I intentionally did not complete it the day that I started to write.  Since that day, much has happened and not all sunny day experiences.  For a while, I felt the rains and storms of life had washed away my sunny days.  But what a difference a day makes.  Circumstances may not change, but another day can change me, or us in the circumstances.  Therefore, may we not lose hope when life feels gloom.  Another day can make all the difference.  Indeed, what a difference a day makes.

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