I am expecting my first child (a boy) toward the end of this year. My husband and I are very excited as we have begun preparing his nursery, creating our registry, and learning all we can about all things baby. Of course, all of the classes, books, videos and blogs can never really fully prepare us, because our son is a unique individual. His habits and patterns may be very different than what we expect them to be. We may have our expectations, but cautiously so, as babies don’t follow all the manuals! No matter what, I expect that the love I have for my son will be so much greater than I can imagine. That is an expectation that will not disappoint!

Expectations are like that. Sometimes the things we go through in life we go in with great expectations. Sometimes these are met, and we are happy and other times they fall short and we become disappointed. Many areas of life including relationships, jobs, vacations, and more can be like this. As a therapist, I have learned that many come into my office with expectations to feel better and to find healing. What many people may not expect is the road it takes to get there.

The therapy process is very similar to babies. You can read the manuals, search the internet, and research on your own about therapy or struggles you may have. However, there is no one size fits all therapy technique or process. Each therapist is different, and each process is different. Often times therapy is a process that is challenging, emotional, and downright frustrating. However, for those willing to put in the work and allow their expectations for what it “should” look like to fade, there can be great growth, healing and change on the other side.

This is also true of how individuals view themselves and the world around them. It is not wrong to have expectations. I have often found a source of frustration, discontent, and lack of change can come from unrealistic or unmet expectations. Many times, I encounter in my office those who expect more of themselves or others than can be given. Sometimes, tapering expectations is necessary in order to bring about the desired outcome.

One expectation that I have found to never fail is the expectation that God will be with me in whatever journey I’m on. I can expect that He will walk beside me, strengthen me, and help me to do the hard things. He will guide my husband and I in raising our son and He will guide you in the therapy process, in your relationships, work, and anything else you will face. Having a relationship with God will enable you to expect the good things He will do in and through you as you trust in Him.

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