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Worry and the Birds

God graciously included instructions for His people to look at the birds of the air (and the lilies of the field if you continue reading in Matthew 6) as a tangible reminder of his provision and care. I don’t have to scan the sky for long before I notice a bird flying overhead. How often have I read the words “Do not worry” and mindlessly filled in the rest of the sentence—“look at the birds of the air” without actually stopping to consider the birds of the air or what this verse is trying to teach? What if each time I saw a bird, I reminded myself of God’s care for me.

The Waiting World Rejoices

weary of their waiting. (Doesn’t sound much different from us, right?) They longed for the Messiah who had been promised to them and who would be able to crush the head of the serpent. On that dark night, the angels appear to lowly shepherds to announce that the plan of redemption has been set in motion.