Introducing BRAVE – the newest group at Heritage Counseling Center

Something new is happening at Heritage Counseling Center, and we are so excited to share what is happening with you! We are beginning a therapy group for kids who struggle with worrying and anxiety.

Anxiety is an increasing phenomenon with today’s youth, and Heritage Counseling Center wants to do our part in helping treat the growing problem. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition that affects children. Approximately one out of eight children is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Left untreated, anxiety can cause a host of problems such as difficulty focusing, school or social problems, substance abuse, and in some cases lead to more severe mental health conditions.

Our goal in working with kids who have anxiety is not to completely erase the experience of anxiety. Instead, our goal is to give kids coping strategies that are proven to work in reducing the impact and intensity of the anxiety. Essentially, we want to give kids a plan for what to do when they feel anxious. While it is nice if the anxiety is completely gone, in most cases, anxiety ebbs and flows over the course of the lifetime, so having a plan for what to do with the anxiety is more beneficial than the goal of just getting rid of it.

BRAVE is a place where kids who are ages 8-13 can learn to conquer their anxiety by engaging in interactive activities with other peers, share their worries, learn effective coping strategies, and express their thoughts and feelings in a group setting. BRAVE meets for five consecutive weeks and includes hands on activities and coping strategies that have been proven to aid in the reduction of anxiety symptoms. It is led by mental health counselors who enjoy working with kids.

Do you know a child who would benefit from being part of our BRAVE group? Click the link here for more information. The group will be kicking off SOON!

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