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Coronavirus and Worried Kids: 6 Emotional Health Tips from a Mental Health Counselor

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Pandemic. Shelter-in-place. These have been the hot topic words over the past week and a half and understandably so.

There has been a lot of talk about how to keep families and kids physically safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic, but from my perspective, health also includes emotional well-being. So what are parents to do?

Marriage Counseling?!

Most people cringe at the sound of those two words. Just the idea of sitting in a room with your grouchy spouse and a complete stranger to talk about your problems is not very inciting. Yet marital conflict is one of the most common reasons why people find themselves in counseling. Though every couple is different. There are three common steps I tend to address with couples.

How to Be Resilient and Last a Lifetime in Ministry-Part 2 of 3

Begin with recognizing your strong emotions and the thoughts and instincts that partner with them. Be still and notice them. Allow yourself to even be curious about them. Notice without reacting what this inner intensity produces in your thoughts without taking these thoughts too literally. As you quiet your reactions to them, you can pray for wisdom about what to do or think about them.